Saturday, April 18, 2009

Everybody Loves Somebody - DinoMartinPeters

"About Medino martin petersI am a dude who totally digs Dino Martin...the coolest, hippest, and randiest dude to ever walk the face of this planet. Long live our Master of Hip, our King of Cool, the one, the only DINO!!!!!"
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Dino wrote the blog below about Dean Martin and Singapore 60s Music: Friday, April 17, 2009DEAN MARTIN - Crooners Influencing The 60s
Hey pallies, it is such a wonderful Dinofeelin' to know that Dinopassion is likes totally Dinouniversal...takes this Dinoentry from a cool blog tagged "Singapore 60s Sixties Pop Music Website '08" (clicks on tagg of this Dinogram to view) where a dude tagged Andy shares Singaporian Dinodevotion...reads all 'bout it below...loves how this Andy dude makes this Dinostatement...

"And Dean Martin's magic spreads round the living or dining room with soothing, sentimental easy vocals and dream music." And how cool to know that Singaporians were romancin' while dancin' to the Dinosound in the swingin' '60's..

My grateful thanks to Mr. Andy for postin' this at his cool blog so that I could share it with all Dinoholics in these here ilovedinomartin Dinoparts....let's all continue to do our Dinopart to spead the Dinomessage as Dinofar and Dinowide as Dinopossible...bringin' more and more pallies to true Dinodevotion whereever they are located in the Dinouniverse.... Dinodiggin', DMP.

Thanks again for writing Dino. Singaporeans love Dean Martin so much that we have many Dean Martin impersonators in Singapore. One of them is Michael Goh whose postings can be found on 28th December, 2008. This Michael Goh (Gold) is a real cool dude and sings like Dino too!)


Anonymous said...

Back then Dino and Jerry Lewis comedies were all the rage in 60s Singapore - left me in stitches really. Never missed any of their movies! Reading about him leaves me with the wonderful Dinofeelin'.

dino martin peters said...

Hey pallie Andy, thanks for showin' so much Dinolove for our Dino and for the ilovedinomartin Dinoblog...really 'preciate the shoutout and helpin' spread the Dinomessage by sharin' the ilovedinomartin Dinoblog here at your cool is likes so Dinofab to know that there are others who are likes totally Dinodevoted and Dinodesirous of makin' Dinoknown wherever they are in on the Dinoglobe...there is a Dinorevolution of cool that has started and it takes pallies like you man to fuel those Dinofires hotter and hotter until all the world knows and loves our great man....hopes to talks with you likes real real Dinosoon!!!!

Andy Young* said...

Thanks DMP,
I have spread the good news, read first letter above yours, as many Singaporeans are aware of the impact Dino Martin had made as crooner, movie star and comedian. We all love him just as much on stage as he was on screen.
Dean Martin lives.

dino martin peters said...

Hey pallie Andy, yeah, Dino lives! Thanks for liftin' up the legacy of our great man!