Thursday, April 23, 2009

60s Music And Its Influences - A Century Of Pop

"A Century of Pop" by Hugh Gregory (image, ref: 781.6 30904 GRE - ART) is another book worth browsing through as, "it traces more than a 100 years of popular music from its diverse geographical and ethnic roots to the truly international vocabulary it represents today (blurb, dust cover)."
It is a journey which begins with the human voice - the supreme vehicle of musical expression -the influences and instruments of Zulu tribal customs , right up to the end of the 20th Century when bhangra/ragga, boy bands, avant garde and techno are the craze. Gregory informs much.
Personally, readings become more intense from 1930s to the early 1970s as these are the years that influenced 60s pop music in Singapore.
Again, as in the other books, there are magnificent images in a multitude of colours of most of the artistes involved.
(Image: nlb singapore)
Original article: Andy Lim

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