Monday, March 16, 2009

Peter Diaz: 8 Albums Behind Him - A Runaway Success

(1) So what's in a name? It's the person behind the name that counts and Peter Diaz (image), without much introduction, has been in the music scene since the 60s.

Peter, true son of Singapore, joined the 'The Surfers' ('October Cherries' in later years) then. It is one of the most popular recording and live band this period.

They enjoyed tremendous success not only in Singapore and Malaysia, but also in Hong Kong and Japan. Then they embarked for Europe in late 1971; Belgium, France and Germany were the next countries they worked in.

In Belgium the band was the very first to record the so-called 'Top 40 Budget Album' comprising of songs from the Top 40 Charts. They recorded 8 albums in all and were a runaway success. Peter composed, recorded and peformed with the band for about nine years, before finally leaving when the band returned to Singapore. He felt that he needed to advance his career and so returned to Europe.

Listen to Peter Diaz sing his own compositions on his website.

(Extract with kind permission from Peter Diaz at:

Thank you Peter.


Sally Cinnamon said...

hi, irrelevant to your entry.
the father-in-law is danny. you might wanna tick the option to be alerted on comments on your blog thru email cos i commented once on an archived entry.


Anonymous said...

I am impressed by his talent which should have a wider exposure.

In the past week I enjoyed musical performances at The Durian (The Esplanade). The bands and singers hailed from Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, USA and Singapore.

The week-long event attracted enthusiastic crowds. While watching the performances, it occurred to me that our 60s bands and singers could also make a contribution.

If younger groups and singers could perform, why not vastly experienced older ones as well? Performing during Senior Citizens Week will be ideal.

Andy Young* said...

Thank you both. I must check out the comments made by others too.

Yes, I think our bands must be provided exposure at all functions but apparently the people in charge are not interested. They only want certain bands but forget the 60s groups.

Anonymous said...

I hope it's ignorance and not a matter of policy. I've given The Esplanade my feedback over my disappointment. FYI, it seems November is the time when they showcase some older groups.Last November a local Chinese group performed evergreen songs at the outdoor stage.

Andy Young* said...

It takes some financing to stage a pop concert and many business organisations are not willing to do so because of the risks involved. Usually such gigs are not profitable and performers are not paid handsome fees like the pop stars from overseas.

The musicians themselves may also be engaged professionally since some of them play at hotels and private clubs while others tutor at prominent music schools for a living.

There will always be a demand for these bands and vocalists. Although we are now in the 21st Century, Singapore's 60s music is still alive. People are still buying digitally remastered CDs and ask for them in the shops. Previous remastered copies sold like hot-cakes.

Let's all get together to revive Singapore 60s music.

Andy Young

Anonymous said...

There will be a concert at the Orchid Country Club on 23, 24 July 2009 where the Silver Strings, Andy, Veronica, Mike & Herb, Rahimah Rahim, Ronnie & the Burns will perform. The Beatles from Austria will also be present. And Karen Lim from the movie 881 will sing too. Check it out.