Friday, February 13, 2009

----The Quests (U.S.) From West Michigan----

Similarly there is a band called The Quests (U.S.) that wish to differentiate themselves from our Singapore group.

This band was steaming West Michigan performing in the 60s under the Fenton record label. They accompanied Freddie Cannon, Neil Diamond and The Supremes when these famous artistes performed at Grand Rapids then.

Bob Fritzen, lead singer, has a son who lives in Singapore and commented in 2008 that he has heard of Singapore's Quests. The US Quests are still active and have done new recordings.

Do you know of bands from across the world that have names similar to our groups here? Why are our 60s guitar groups not recording anymore? Or are they?

Read comment by Bob, click on his name and check out Quests US Website.


Bob Fritzen said...

Hi Andy, it is an honor to be on your website. Thanks for the nice writeup and history. It is wild to think that our two bands were playing thousands of miles apart at the same time. "The Quests" is a unique name and my creation for us in 1965, maybe there was some strange teleportation of creativity half way around the globe. We are proud to share it with "The Quests" (Singapore)and wish them all the best. Yes, I'll have to get with you when I'm visiting my son in what has become one my favorite places in the world.

Dr. Bob Fritzen "The Quests (USA)"

Andy Young* said...

Thanks Bob for the comment. I appreciate it very much. Please feel free to write because it's always exciting to connect with 60s band members from across the globe. I spent some years in Canada & the U.S. and welcome news and views on the topic.

Do contact me when you are in Singapore.


Anonymous said...

Interesting that this blog is going places and its positive posts about yesterdays bands.

Anonymous said...

There are many pop groups around the world with similar names. Would be interesting to compile one but unnecessarily burdensome.