Friday, February 13, 2009

------------The Quests (Singapore)------------

---The Quests (Singapore) with their best hit ever, 'Shanty'.---

The instrumental, 'Shanty,' managed to replace The Beatles, 'I Should Have Known Better' in the 1964 Singapore hit parade charts. It was written by Henry Chua, bass guitarist for the Quests.

Surfers from overseas who wish to read more about The Quests (Singapore) should best check out the band's own personal websites and blogs as there are so many of them on the Internet.

The Quests is the most popular Singapore guitar group in the 60s.

Image: Key in: quests shanty 1964

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Anonymous said...

Truly a wonderful group. They have been the resident band for a well known recording company backing many singers.

exnavalbase1412 said...

I heard that "The Shadows" wanted to buy their copyright!