Friday, January 30, 2009

A coincidence? Definitely. Steve Farrram emailed me two days ago asking about Ronnie so I told him we jammed a couple of weeks back. He sent me the cover above and I had taken some pictures of Ronnie at his palatial home during our session.
This recording has Ronnie singing 4 songs backed by the Stylers, with John Teo on lead, Douglas Tan on bass, Rann Lee on rhythm and Elving Wong on drums.
The songs are: Guitar Man, Eighteen Yellow Roses, Let's Dance (title of record) and Hey, Hey, Hey (medley that includes, Hey, hey, We're The Stylers, For Your Love, Detroit City, Satisfaction). And the singing with backing? You need to listen to the record to make your own judgement.
So Steve, this one's for you. And Ronnie, it looks like Singapore wants you back.
(Image: From Steven Farram Collection/Copyright owners of Squirrel Record).

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