Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Ruud de Wolff (12.5.41) and Riem de Wolff (15.4.43) who were born in Indonesia migrated to Holland in 1949 and made their first recording (image above) singing, 'I Kissed You'. They scored many hits until 1971 and performed all the way to the 90s until elder brother Ruud died on 18th December, 2000. He was about 60. Younger brother Riem is still recording with a supporting band and son Steffen calling themselves The New Diamonds.

One thing is certain the brothers have a distinctive sound and it made all the difference. Although they have appeared on numerous occasions in Singapore, I never had the opportunity to see or hear them perform live but the first time I heard 'Ramona' I went all the way to Kwang Sia Record Shop at North Bridge Road to buy it.

These important years for Singapore pop had vocal groups of duets, trios and even quartets on stage. I remember The Three Bambinos. Do you?

Why were the brothers' names never revealed on the Fontana Records cover of the above pressing? Just starting out perhaps?

*'Ramona' reached American Billboard Hot 100.

* lst on Dutch & German charts.

*'Little Ship' (1961, Doc Pomus/Doug Shuman) is an original. Never recorded by others.

* 'Sukiyaki' (Kyu Sakamoto's Jap hit but sung in English).

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