Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Marie Tang n Commancheros Sings Fireball XL5

 "Marie Tang is 14 year old student at St Joseph's Convent whose ambition is to be a school teacher. She has taken part in several competitions and qualified for the Finals of RTS Talentime in 1968 and 69. According to Marie, she owes a lot to a friend - Uncle James, who has been coaching her for this year's talentime. From: The Hamster and the Guppies."

This TV series was a success in the early sixties and most everyone who knew it whistled the catchy theme song. I tried it out with The Silver Strings during practice then sang it the first time at The Celestial Room where we played.

As far as I can remember the crowd loved Fireball XL5 and it became my song. It has since been recorded by Marie Tang (above), daughter of Wilma Tang.

Original article from: Hamster and Guppies.
You Tube video by: blastfromthepast.
Images: from Google.


Anonymous said...

Am keen to listen to it. Any chance of adding an audio?

Andy Young* said...

Found the You Tube but don't know how to download.

Look for: Fireball XL5 You Tube Video

Anonymous said...

It's ok. Saw a few clips on YouTube. Catchy tunes like you said.

Andy Young* said...

But not your kind of music huh? We rocked it a bit, put in great guitar embellishment and more bass.

Pity it wasn't recorded.