Sunday, December 28, 2008

Dean Martin Of Singapore - Michael Goh (Gold)?

If my memory isn't failing me, I remember that Singapore's Dean Martin was Ahmad Daud popular on radio and telly. Did he sound like Dean Martin?
Because of the recent gig in Nov 2008 at VivoCity I heard recordings from someone whom I thought could sing like Dean Martin. With his sensual voice I heard MICHAEL GOH's rendition of Dino favourites.
Audie (bass guitarist) introduced me to Michael who sang Dean Martin songs at the 60s reunion concert.
Image: Michael Goh CD cover.


Anonymous said...

Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis! These two in their comedy movies always had me in stitches. How would you describe his voice? Husky?

Anonymous said...

Yes, I used the same adjective before editing it. I thought Dean Martin had a somewhat husky voice but Michael Goh's isn't so much. He has a gentler, more sensual sound.

Dean Martin has this cigarette-in-hand, tipsy, devil-may-care singing style about him. Probably because of Jerry Lewis' influence on him. No, not true. Must have been the rat pack connection.

Anyway less about Dino but more of Michael Goh.

dino martin peters said...

Hey pallie Andy, aha, this musta be the Dinoref that you have mentioned to me...gonna have to see if I can gets my hands on one of Michael's albums of Dinodevotion...

Andy Young* said...

Sorry, DMP, didn't see this blog till today. I shall call Michael and see if he can send you a CD. Just wait a bit, I promise. I can tell you he's good.