Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Transistors Triumphed Throughout...

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So when the transistor radios were perfected and sold cheaply for about S$20.00 each in the early 60s, sales skyrocketed. While some listened to Rediffusion, others listened to the transistor radio.

Request programmes were also the craze and listening to your name being announced over the airwaves was exciting. It became an obsession to many people. So transistor radios & requests became synonymous. Portable, personal and a phenomenon!
And you thought there was nothing before MP3?
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Anonymous said...

Yes, I recall buying the radio. Mine was a Sharp (not sure of its name). It was boxy and purely functional, not like the stylish ones these days.Wonder if anyone still has one somewhere in the attic.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I have one. And it's still working. SHARP too, so shrill it hurts the ears.

But it was something then.

michaeljpro said...

You have used a photo from my Flickr website. This is from my personal collection. Kindly remove the picture of provide a link to the original site where you found it! Thank you for your co-operation.


Andy Young* said...

It has been erased.