Friday, March 13, 2009

Singapore's Siglap Five. Hit By Pirated Records


The above image was not specially created on the scanner. It's a genuine record cover. Two for the price of one. Four songs on one record instead of two in one single.

Wow, it's a deal and you get this record all over Singapore in the 60s. Check out the label again. Nothing will be revealed. Now everyone's seeing red.

Is it bootleg? "Tell Me If It's True?" asks Eveylyn who seems to have contacted jaundice .


Anonymous said...

Glycos seems to have been one of the biggest pirates. I've got a Naomi and the Boys/Crescendos split record on that label. Other pirate labels I know are Carolina, Pilana, TWT, Fisherman, Mountain, Triangles, and R Super. There are a few others I know that look like pirates, but I am not sure, so I won't name them. Some of the pirate records are quite cheap looking, but some are very well done. I am sure that some must have been 'inside jobs', as the artwork etc is as good as on the original.


Andy Young* said...

Thanks Steve for the information. The list of pirate labels you provide is impressive and I can understand why some record companies have given up their business. It must have been a losing venture. It's a pity as there was so much support for Singapore's 60s music then.

Howie Pyro said...

The top sleeve is the only one I've seen & I've come across it a few times...this is actually included on a new very limited edition compilation LP called " Chinese Rocks" the record sleeve is actually pictured on the cover...look for it!

Andy Young* said...

Thanks Howie,
Will post again 'Chinese Rocks' which I have taken off the blog. Perhaps the LP write-up would be interesting to feature.