Sunday, November 15, 2009

(2) Ervinna & Stylers, I'd Love You To Want Me

Like Sakura Teng and Anita Sarawak, Ervinna has recorded in Bahasa Indonesia, Bahasa Melayu, English and also Mandarin. She records in her home country for her Indonesian songs but in Singapore for English and Mandarin songs.
Her fame has spread to Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, Taiwan, Philippines, China and some countries in Europe like Holland, Germany and in even places like Surinam and Argentina.
According to a *website, she is known as, 'The Angel Of Indonesia' by Singaporean fans. She has a special dedicated album entitled, His Love, recorded in mandarin. The album is displayed at a gallery, Galeri Pondok Pujian in Mal Puri Indah, Jakarta.
Blogger has a copy of Ervinna with The Stylers entitled, Mrs. Seelo with songs like, Witch Queen Of New Orleans, It Never Rains In Southern California and I'd Love You To Want Me. (White Cloud Records: EA704L). You can watch her Mandarin version of Mustapha on You Tube.

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DJ Carlito said...

Wow! she still looks great!! One of my favorite singers from the Singapore/HK disco era! thanks for the info Andy!