Sunday, October 18, 2009

(1) Teresa Carpio Vivacious With Verve, Vitality, Voice Cover Girl Playboy Mag HK'86

One of the most dynamic Asian singers that I've heard on vinyl is Teresa Carpio (b 1957). With verve, vitality and a voice that can only come from the gods, Carpio is great indeed. Her 2nd vinyl in 1976 (image) features many songs stretching from the 50s to the 70s. Smoke Gets In Your Eyes, Feelings, Fernando, Do You Know Where You're Going To and How High The Moon are interspersed with I'm Easy, Loving You, Never Can Say Goodbye, Stay Awhile and Love Hangover, Do It Yourself, Can't Help Falling In Love and As Sure As I Am Standing Here. (1976 EMI/HK/EMGS 6001).

Carpio who sings in English and Cantopop is born in Hong Kong of Philippino descent. She won a song contest at 6 and by 1975 has her own TV show. Her family is musically talented. There's so much information about her on the Internet that it is unnecessary to repeat what has been written. Just check-out the websites.

Four points to note: (1) she has appeared on the cover of the December 1986 issue of the Hong Kong edition of Playboy magazine, which features a tasteful topless photograph of her, (2) has a daughter called T.V. Carpio who is a star in her own rights, having acted in Law & Order, The Jury and Rent, a Broadway musical, (3) appeared with the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra in 2003 and (4) cut about a dozen album from 1975 to 1990.

Reference: Wikipedia. Image/Article: Andy Lim Collection.


Victor said...

I like Teresa Carpio's version of Conversations. Couldn't find it on YouTube but found Cilla Black's version instead.

Andy Young* said...

A very beautiful song indeed. You can listen to 'Conversations' on:

Anonymous said...

a small lady with big voice

Lam Chun See said...

Teresa Carpio's name always brings to my this favourite ... Into my world he creeps, without making a sound.

The other Asia singer also quite famous when young is ... Agnes Chen (hope I got her name right). She was very popular with the Japanese. I like her Circle Game and another one about Kodakchrome.

Andy Young* said...

Thank you Chun See,

"Into my room he creeps
Without making a sound
Into my dreams he peeps
With his hair all long and hanging down..."

Sung with George Lam. Agnes Chan is in an earlier posting under Chinese Pop.