Sunday, May 17, 2009

Broadway Musicals - 60s Music Influence

For further information on Broadway musicals, the above book (image) is a must-read, as it provides much information on most of the musicals that have appeared on New York's famous stages.
From, "Annie" to "Zorba," they come in large, colourful and bright images with sufficient data for the enthusiast.Written by Ken Bloom and Frank Vlastnik, both well-respected writers on musical productions, this particular 2004 edition is available in our libraries [782.14097471 BLO (ART)].
The book though, is mostly on musical theatre and not on musical films, but there is a complete song-list for each production featured.(Image: article: Andy Lim


womad said...

OMG! This is absolutely informative, have always been a big fan of Broadway. You included the call number even before i wanted to ask! Thanks Mr. Andy!

Andy Young* said...

Hi Womad, You're back. Thanks. Dont forget to check us out at Orchid Country Club.