Sunday, August 17, 2014

Pioneer Generation Package Posted @ Orchard And Silver Strings Delivered



Hey Singapore, we've got a community here. The army of seniors from 60s pop culture was back to conquer Orchard Road last night. And the turn out of followers for Silver Strings Night was a good full house at the RELC Auditorium on 16th August, 2014.

 "RELC rocked tonight with Veronica Young, Ernesto and Greg, Mustapha, Mike and Herb, Andy Young and company at the Silver Strings 50th Anniversary Concert ... (from Alice Chong FB)"

                   Seniors seeing Silver Strings swing Sixties songs.

Photos put up are the clearest I could get on FB from dear friends Irene Yap, Richard Toh, Tan Soo Khoon, Veronica and Marissa DC:
1. From left the Silver Strings group at RELC International Hotel in Orange Grove Road: Nick, Herb, Mike, Ernesto (guest artiste), Andy, Danny Boy, Audie, Veronica, Bobo, Mustapha and Rickie. 

           2. The audience and supporters made the show possible. 

                         3. Tan Soo Khoon, former MP and music-maker.

Ernesto and Larry.

Mustapha, Herb and brother Mike

Veronica and Andy

Audie (bass/leader) and Nick (keyboard).

Rickie and Bobo (backstage)

           Danny Boy, percussionist, interviewed by journalists.

   Sound engineer Patrick checking the system before performance

           "I'm sending you a big bouquet of roses..." Thank you.
           "Nice bouquet for a gentleman," from Lim Kuan Min.
                Mike and Herb rocking the house with Wooley Bully.

                  Full house at RELC International Hotel Auditorium.

                 Audie on guitar and Mustapha wooing with roses.

                                   Veronica, young on screen.
                       Larry Lai, MC with the most distinctive voice.

(No other pictures of the Silver Strings on stage. If readers have any please write to me under Comments. Still waiting for some pictures to be sent by members.)

Images from FaceBook of:
Irene Yap, Marissa DC, Veronica Young, Richard Toh, Tan Soo Khoon and Audie Ng. Thank you all.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

A Comet Flash That We All Absorbed


Robin Williams passed away on Monday 11th August, 2014, a tragedy indeed.  He was a youthful 63.  I wrote in a friend's FB: "His live shows were so intense. Must have taken a lot out of him. Like his mentor, Jonathan Winters, Williams was incomparable." 

R.I.P., Mr Williams. You're definitely in a better place.

Active Aging: Showcasing 60s Music @ RELC "Singapore’s Silver Strings have another anniversary do — and you really should go," says Christopher Toh from "Today" Newspaper

Venue: RELC Auditorium (beside Shangri-la) Saturday 14th August, 2014 @ 7.30pm. Read article on RIGHT BAR >  

Rickie - Lead Guitar

Bobo - Rhythm Guitar
Danny Boy - Percussion

Nick - Keyboard
Audie - Bass Guitar - Band Leader

Veronica - Vocals
Mustapha - Vocals

Mike and Herb - Vocals
Guest DJ - Larry Lai
Guest Artiste - Ernesto Valerio 

Evening's MC - Jerry Fernandez
Andy -Music Blogger

 Images: Private Collection Copyrights Reserved.

(Click Comments below to read Silver Strings Short Story.)

Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Sharing A Journey of Classics n Pops With Grandson

A Singapore National Day 2014 Posting

Jason Lai (side) conducted, and a programme of popular melodies and classics performed by the Singapore Symphonic Orchestra (SSO) opened the doors for my 8 year old grandson to appreciate the best in music where local talents and composers feature prominently.

Having played over 50 symphonic concerts a year the orchestra, which was born in 1979, presented yet another afternoon of Home with the Classics at the Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music within the NUS Campus at Clementi on Saturday, 2nd August at 4pm (last illus. below).

Familiar with museum outings and Esplanade pop shows these last few years, it was Josh's first experience with a symphony orchestra.  The selection couldn't have been better and the conductor couldn't have been friendlier, especially when there were many young parents with children.

Introducing each performance to help everyone understand the music about to be played, Jason Lai who hails from the UK, provided information about the pieces so simply in clipped English that the audience was able to appreciate Leonard Berstein, Johann Stauss II, Georges Bizet, Edward Elgar, John Williams and our own local composer Kelly Tang without much ado.

When I asked my grandson a few days before the concert if he had heard of Star Wars he mentioned that he was familiar with it since it was the background to a particular Angry Birds game. I had him listen on You Tube a few West Side Story melodies and familiar ones from our own local repertoire, Stand Up For Singapore, Rasa Sayang and Di Tanjong Katong.

 Somehow I realised he enjoyed the concert and appreciated at least four composers that afternoon but to Josh, Stars Wars Suite was the best and Sketches of Singapore second. Familiarity, I guess.

As we took the lift down after the show, a young man on the ground floor ushered us to what was a food surprise, local mouth-watering eats plus photograph taking. There were two areas filled with bites and picture-taking session provided free by 15 generous sponsors. 

Thanks to the sponsors, Conductor Lai, the Orchestra and organisers.

A Happy National Day to all, especially our children.

NB: The Other Side of the Coin

I went home that evening, turned on Cable and witnessed  little children being raped, ravaged and savaged  by war. A hospital scene showed a 3 year old boy, shaking in fear and pain, another with tubes all over him.  Shrapnel covered both their little bodies.  Sadly, the atrocities are created by adults, and children too young even to understand, suffer the consequences. 

Images from: Sharing The Journey Programme Booklet produced by 

Other images from Google.