Friday, March 16, 2018

Fake News: Contain The Contamination. "You Lied."

Keith Locke said, "You lied, lied, lied, lied, lied..." 😈

The rampant spread of poisonous fake news liquid is covering much of internet space and before we know it the whole earth may be drowned in a scripted deluge of tainted fluid. Our children may drink this contamination too.

Please be careful when you write or make comments. So far this blog has received none of these unpleasantries and I thank my readers for being so positive in their views.

Stop fake news before we become addicted to them.

A point to ponder though; what if the news piece is real and you can prove the facts? Can you publish? Surely?

Don't Play That Song, You Lied, You Lied: Keith Locke and The Quests Video from Krazy Karaoke. Thank you.


The Quests was a Singapore grouped unparalleled and consisted of its singer Keith Locke who recorded the song with backing by Reggie Verghese who played lead guitar, Henry Chua who played bass, Jap Chong on rhythm and Wee Guan on drums.

Reggie Verghese and Jap Chong have since passed away. Keith Locke left Singapore many years ago. Both Henry Chua and Wee Guan are still active today in local music circles.

*Written by Ahmet Ertegun and Betty Nelson, the wife of the original singer Ben E. King, it was a chart-topper in 1962 for King and later for The Quests. It has been covered by many, including Aretha Franklin, Mariah Carey, Beverly Knight, Peppino de Capri and others.

Keith Locke and Irene Yap (recording artiste and nightclub singer in the 70's). Now, this picture is for real. Not a fake one. So don't steal it for your new book because that's IP (Intellectual Property) thievery, which the authorities will be dealing with soon. 😐 Thank you.

Images from Google and A Personal Collection.

Video from Krazy Karaoke.
Information is original and a personal message.
*This piece is from Wikipedia.


FL said...

Oh, Keith Locke still looks great after many years ! Keith played a very significant role in our sixties music scene in SG and was then a lead singer with The Quests. We, then being teenagers, were very supportive of the many local bands and local singers. Our memory of the wonderful sixties lives on and on. Thank you.

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

Thanks FL for the comment and support.

Yes, he still looks good doesn't he. His refrain of, "You lied, you lied, you lied..." kept going in my mind and I thought of the lies, untruths and fake stuff we find on the Net and started on the topic for this posting.

We could start by not circulating news which we think may not be true, especially if we are uncertain about its authenticity and source.


Yes, CLICK BAITS are rampant on social-medias, especially on Youtube. Vimeo is not so bad. The last thing ANDY Pop Music Not Pills want is to debase his blog to that sorry state of massive trash simply to get millions of views a day. You already have that with your legitimate articles and contributors with authentic stories. I would keep this blog clean of click-bait.