Wednesday, July 29, 2009

60s Rock Music Concert Souvenir Programme

In case you missed the show, the above image is the programme booklet for the two nights, where details of the artistes that participated are documented. It is well designed and worth the while to collect as a souvenir. There are many people who keep programmes, magazine pages, newspaper cuttings, posters and advertisements as memorabilia to remind them of past events.

This blogger has a good friend who keeps such bric-a-brac. Singapore 60s band members and singers were surprised at the amount of photographs he keeps and the signatures he collected, when he showed them his files and albums during the local gigs in town. This gentleman and many other pop 60s enthusiasts have been collecting them since.

Don't throw them away. Could prove priceless some day. The National Heritage Board has an interesting collection of these programmes and souvenirs. Well, in case you need one...

Image/Article: Andy Lim


Victor said...

I have kept mine. Just about to throw it away when I read this post.

So when can I have coffee with the Paul Anka of Singapore? (Drop me an email - address can be found on the side-panel of my blog page.)

Andy Young* said...

I won the contest in 1959, not 1963, as Jerry Fernandez announced. That's 50 years ago. But Paul Anka came and went because I never really like his style, but participated in the competition for the fun and games.

Fronting bands came by chance because I lived near a bungalow where The Velvetones (later Firebirds) practised. And we got together.

I stopped singing in 1964 after leaving the Silver Strings. Then they had one or two singers before Shirley Nair joined them and hit the headlines with The Thunderbirds, Jets, etc.

This latest craze came when old friend Audie and leader of The Silver Strings, invited me to join in just for kicks as, "the original singer". That was in November 2008 at VivoCity and when I knew Danny Boy was the percussionist, I agreed. Well, at least 3 original members were there.

It was actually more guts than voice, as I lost the latter along the way. The VivoCity gig also encouraged me to start this blog, i.e. to relive the days.

Keep posters, programmes, etc. Never discard them. I used to have a collection of Hollywood movie posters that could be about 75 years old now. They were given to me by another old neighbour who worked at Shaw Brothers. Threw the posters all away.

Which brings me to another adage, "Love thy neighbour and friend" because you'll never know what you're going to get next!

Andy Young* said...

Thanks again, Victor for coming to the show and supporting us. We all appreciate it as I have told The Silver Strings, Veronica Young and Mike & Herb about your blog.

I will write to you and we'll get together for lunch.