Thursday, May 07, 2009

Ambassador Hotel As Lovers Move In Shadows

The Ambassador Hotel, opposite Katong Park at Meyer Road near the East Coast beaches, was the rendezvous for lovers. The hotel had a roof garden, with Singapore 60s guitar groups or combo bands playing music by The Shadows, Cliff Richard, Elvis, The Beatles and other superstars.
The Silver Strings and other local bands used to entertain patrons in this hotel with "Wonderful Land", "Sleepwalk" or rebel rousers like, "Shindig", The Young Ones", "Guitar Boogie" and "Twist And Shout." Dancing under the stars was always the theme and youth had its days when the bands floored the dancers with both hot and cool music.
I remember going there with some good friends where we spent the evening over one or two drinks that cost about $6.00 a glass. My favourite drink is rum and coke, a drink I am told that attracts medical problems like diabetes. The ladies we came with were friends and colleagues that had come to support guest bands that played on a particular weekend.
There was an evening where we made floor space for the versatility of the Sunny Low Dancers, the slim young man with the built, grace and charm of Gene Kelly.
Oh yes, Katong Park and the beach were downstairs and it was a slow, five-minute walk to seclusion and privacy. The hotel is gone now but the memories remain.
Image: National Heritage Board, Singapore.
Original article: Dndy Lim.


Anonymous said...

How fab to find this photo of the Ambassador Hotel. As a child in the 1950s I lived next to the hotel at number 44.
I would lie in bed listening to the music coming from the roof, often in a language I didn’t understand (I’m English), enjoying it immensely. One of my other memories is when I would walk by the hotel on my way home from the school bus. The foyer doors were open and the sound of the juke box would waft out as I passed. I recall ‘Oh please stay by me Diana’ was that Paul Anka? That song should pin point the year.
I see from Google Earth that sadly the house and hotel no longer exist, nor the sea view we were lucky to have from our balcony.

Andy Young* said...

Oh wow! Thank you for writing. It'll really be great if you could provide me an email address so I could write to you.

It was the 60s, since 'Diana' by Paul Anka was written in September 1957 and especially popular during that period.

I share the same feeling about that area. Again thanks for the memories.

Jackie said...

hi Andy, we lived there around 57/58. I have many memories of that time and would be pleased to exchange e-mails. how can i give you my e-mail privately? i don't want to attract loads of spam.
regards, Jackie

Andy Young* said...
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