Thursday, April 02, 2009

Xavier Cugat's 3rd Wife - Hottest Latino Ever!

Xavier Cugat had the sexiest of four wives and Abbe Lane (image) started an inferno on stage when she appeared at the Happy World Stadium in Singapore in the late 50s. Jennifer Lopez is nothing compared to her. I was still a youth then but enjoyed the show with my father who was a Latin music addict.

Xavier Cugat had another love besides his music and wife. He carried a CHIHUAHUA in his coat pocket whenever he was on stage and mesmerised the audience with his artistry and showmanship. His orchestra was astounding.

The above record cover was with the Tito Puente Orchestra but she was with Xavier Cugat from 1952 to 1964.

Cugat was another influence for Singapore music in the 60s when smaller local combos played Latin music in the lounges and bars across the island.

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