Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Glenn Miller (1904 -1944) A Great Influence

His orchestra swings like no other. Listening to Glenn Miller is going back to the days of cabarets and night clubs in Singapore 50's and 60's where bands played to crowded dance floors.
The trombone was like live-wire in his hands and he was one of the top recording artistes in the early 40's. The records were 78s (post on January 14th, 2009) and came way before the LP (Long Play Records) and EPs (Extended Play Records).
Glenn Miller definitely influenced the 60s pop music scene in vintage Singapore.


Anonymous said...

One of my fav orchestras certainly. (MIKE)

Andy Young* said...

Thank you Mike. He is certainly one of the best. There are so many websites about Glenn Miller. This man is a genius.