Thursday, April 09, 2009

Singapore's Pop 60s Music Culture & History?

For the high brow, the intellectual, the uninitiated or anyone eager to delve into Singapore's music scenario the list below might help:

Chen, Andy & Mosman Ismahil , eds. No finer time to be alive?: voices of Singapore's English music. Singapore: Simpleman Book, 1996. 211p. [ML345.12 No]

Chua, Henry . “Call it Shanty!”: the story of the Quests. Singapore: Options Publications, 2001. 185p. The story of one of the greatest pop bands of the sixties. [ML421 Que.Ch]

Ho, Wai Chee . Sub-culture of rock music in Singapore. Singapore: University of Singapore, 1979. 98p. Academic exercise - Dept. of Sociology, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, University of Singapore, 1979. [HM15 *1979 7]
Kong, Lily . Popular music and a 'sense of place' in Singapore. Crossroads, 9(2):51-77, 1995. [DS501 JSA]
Lockard, Craig A Dance of Life: popular music and politics in Southeast Asia. Honolulu, HI: University of Hawaii Press, 1997. 390p. Explores the connections between popular music genres and politics in Southeast Asia, with particular emphasis on Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore. Has a chapter entitled “Malaysia and Singapore: pluralism and popular music” (pp.207-261). [ML3502 Sou.Loc]
Pereira, Joseph C. Legends of the Golden Venus. Singapore: Times Editions, 1999. 127p. A collection of interviews, commentaries and photographs illuminating the history of Singapore’s pioneering rock ‘n’ roll and R&B bands of 1960s. [ML345.12 Per]
Phua, Siew Chye & Kong, Lily . Ideology, social commentary and resistance in popular music: a case study in Singapore. Journal of Popular Culture, 30(1):215-31, 1996. [AP2 JPC
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