Thursday, January 29, 2009

John Updike - Rabbit At Rest 1932 - 2009

If you haven't read JOHN UPDIKE then you haven't read. He is the most prolific American writer and I only knew about him in the mid 60s.

This blog is my tribute to Mr Updike. Can't write too much since it's a music blog but I remember reading 'Rabbit, Run', the first time at home during my crazy music days and later in the 80s for serious study.

Try the book, written in 1960, and the rest of the series about small-town American culture for protagonist Harry Angstrom. Also Henry Bech in short stories (70s - 90s) and 'Witches of Eastwick' (1984) a novel that became a successful movie. 'Terrorist' (2006) is going into the heart of today's headlines. Presently reading, 'Villages' (2004) ' a georgeous geography of desire'.

He has also written children's stories, poems, essays and criticisms but for me his novels are best. If Elvis is a monument in pop music so is Updike in American Literature.
He is resting in peace.

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