Saturday, January 24, 2009

Beatles of Malaysia: Mike, Herb & Silver Strings

Beatle suits or a variation? Definitely a variation but the Beatle boots are real. Mike & Herb (two, centre) are the "Beatles of Malaysia" and toured Malaysia, Borneo and Brunei with The Silver Strings in the mid-sixties. Young, yearning and yummy these boys sang and played together for some time and held everyone agog.
Beatlemania had struck its chords in Asia and none were out of tune.
But did we ever have Beatles of Singapore? Yes, Siva & James Choy but that's another blog.


Anonymous said...

An incredible amount of information in this blog. Your pictures make it even more enjoyable.

Anonymous said...

Mike & Herb appeared with The Silver Strings on 8th November, 2008. They screamed and rocked VivoCity to pieces. The energetic Herb, with his powerful vocals, could probably outsing Paul McCartney today. Louis Albert, on drums, accompanied them throughout M&H's session. It was steaming.

Just a thought.

Anonymous said...

Both Mike and Herb live in Australia now I understand. Mike & Herb used to be very popular and appeared with the Silver Strings in an Asian Concert Tour in the sixties & early seventies.

New pictures coming in.

Andy Young* said...

Steve Farram had just sent me some photographs taken at the VivoCity gig. I will post them soon.

Mike too sent photographs during our studio practices. Will select for posting.