Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Andy Singapore 60s Music Plays WORDLE from New York Times

I am a crazy word guy and would never say no to any puzzle dealing with the English alphabet. By chance the word on 9.10.2022 was HOWDY so I thought I'd start with this very appropriate word. Having played the game for some time, it's interesting to note that I managed to secure and save words that relate to the music world and this music blog.

Every pop music piece needs a THEME, so what else than to start an instrumental or compose a song with a theme. And it happened one morning when it was the Wordle mystery word. 'You are my theme for a dream...' [Cliff Richard].

A song needs rhythm so the word RHYME covers both rhythm [unique beats from a piece of music] and rhyming words at the end of the lyrics. Yes:

Words have to rhyme,
Most of the time...

Music provides POWER for a lot of people, the composers with their  messages, singers with their performances on stage, screen, radio or the Internet and we the listeners, selecting songs to empower our own feel for any theme or topic we'd like to deliver. Or perhaps just enjoying it.

Like the over quoted line from William Congreve's play from 1697, 'Music hath CHARM to sooth a savage breast'; this word is certainly important in any piece of music. And don't misquote, it's breast, not beast

Elvis Presley's, Good Luck Charm should be appropriate.

Nearly every piece of pop music, especially those songs that come from the 60's need a guitar to move and groove the composition.  So the TWANG, not the slang but the sound of the six-stringed Shadows' baby needs to be totally electrified to provide the heat. This word's for you Hank Marvin!

And Duane Eddy too, with, The Twang's The Thang.

This word is needed to create that do-wop atmosphere. And as STOMP comes to mind, we remember those years when the dance floor created music and noise so loud that everyone was screaming with Benny Goodman and, Stomping At The Savoy, with his prancing music at the night clubs and ballrooms.

So my good readers, friends and folks around the globe, ENJOY [10.10.2022 word] your music while you can and read this blog more often. 

Like Doris Day's big hit in the 50's, Enjoy Yourself. It's later than you think.

It's no coincidence for me: Yesterday's word was HOWDY and today's ENJOY. A start and end word for this post when I was in the process of writing. I must thank the Wordle folks at The New York Times.

A few more words too, during my guessing time, that relate to music. There's: BONGO, ALIVE, UNITE, OPERA, RADIO and ADORE. They are all in the puzzles that I managed to solve.

Theme For A Dream: Cliff Richard
YouTube Video by: worship999.

Benny Goodman: Stomping at the Savoy. 
YouTube video from

I must thank NEW YORK TIMES for the WORDLE puzzles I do every morning. So far I had to give in to one word. Can't remember it now. Hope to continue the streak for as long as possible looking for that mystery word.

Check out WORDLE if you haven't. A great word game to play anywhere. You got 24 hours to find the mystery word but with only six [6] guesses.

Comments are welcome.

To learn and play, you need to key in:
"Wordle - The New York Times - Games"

John Denver 'Today'
YouTube Video from:

I've kept this Wordle puzzle last on the list because it was a challenge seeking a word ending with ANDY, my own name, with only two chances left. It was by luck, as many Wordle guesses are, that I chose the D in DANDY.

I'll be a dandy and I'll be a rover,
You know who I am by the songs that I sing...
[John Denver: Today]

Images: Google and NY Times.

Andy I ADORE both music and Wordle so much, I need both every morning to start my day.

There's no intention to promote any puzzle. It's written and done in fun. I just love words, English words.


Cedric Collars said...

This reminds me of Bee Gees " Words". It's only words .....

Hiskandar said...

Dear Andy,

My name is Hiskandar, and I am the Executive Producer and Head Writer at Dream Forest Stories. We do a weekly show called "When We Were Young", which features artists from our glorious musical pasts such as yourself.

The show is hosted by Belinda Sunshine. We'd love to have you join us one of these days. Wishing you warmest seasons greetings, and please let me know how to get in touch with you.

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

Hi Hiskandar,

Thanks for the note.
If you write in again and leave me your email address and phone number, I could write or call you but will not publish the information on this page.