Sunday, February 13, 2011

It's The Singer Not The Song: Vernon At Large

40 years on and the man is still attracting crowds. Whether he's in panic purple glitter, a resplendent white suit or a snake skin jacket (images), Vernon Cornelius still holds court with his singing, jovial banter and stage presence.

Formerly fronting The Quests he's keeping his fans happy today with his rendition of pop 60s songs. I have acquired some photographs of his gigs since 2004 when he performed with the Abadi Sousman Band from Indonesia. In January 2005, he backed Riem de Wolff (Mr. Blue Diamond) at the Assisi Home Charity Concert at Victoria Theatre.

In the same year, he appeared in a concert in aid of the Aceh tsunami victims and at the Orchard Hotel Ballroom. In 2007 Vernon sang at Zouk for the Singapore Heritage Festival Concert. He has also appeared at 'St Mary's Kampong Nite' at the Church of St Mary of the Angels in August 2008 and the 'Eurasiana' Show at the Esplanade Concert Hall in June 2009 with the 50 piece Singapore Pop Orchestra led by Maestro Iskandar Ismail.
Sing on young one.. sing on!
*The Singer Not The Song: Rolling Stones
Everywhere you want I always go /I always give in because babe you know /You just say so cause you give me that /Feeling inside that I know must be right /It's the singer not the song /It's the singer not the song /It's the singer not the song... (M. Jagger/K. Richards: 1965 UK)
Images: from Vernon Cornelius.
Original Article: Andy Lim.

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