Thursday, June 05, 2014

Picture Quiz: Who's The Main Performing Star?

Hi folks,
Here's another quiz for the weekend.  You need to look at the pictures carefully but you must read for clues.

Young people at the show. My question is, who the group or singer that's on stage? Very famous.

There was a large crowd. More than 190,000 people in all. They turned out in all shapes, sizes and colors. Well-known venue.

The musicians who accompanied were young indeed. And it was a pretty full band. Can it be Justin Bieber?  Or Madonna? Rolling Stones?
Engelbert or Neil Diamond?

Ah! These ladies should be familiar enough. Now question is. Who's the singer or group?  Many stars have sung here.

Here's the crowd again. A pretty youthful group don't you think? From UK or US?

The band on stage. Tells you a lot here. Look again. Not old folks here but young guys.
Two very important clues here, my dear readers. Also scrutinize the banners. So check them out. I'm not making it so easy.  Again no prizes. It's just in fun and games. Who was the singer?  Powerhouse voice!

It's an annual festival place.  Please write in to give the answer. 
Images from: You Tube screen shots. 


LATEST: 07.06.1940.
Tom Jones, born on the 7th of June, 1940 is 74 years young today.
Also: 25th - 29th June, 2014 Glastonbury Festival, Somerset, England.

Newspaper cutting:


Answer to Quiz:

Clue 1: as to who the singer is; seen in the venue and banner picture, a pair of a large, red pair of panties.  Tom Jones has panties thrown at him when performing.

Clue 2: as to who the singer is; the green and white flag with the red dragon. Sir Tom Jones is a Welshman. Had fun I hope?
Singapore has its own Tom Jones impersonators, and they are very good; the late Ismail Haron and our guy from The Neu Faces, Jerry Fernandez.


sk said...

can you imagine how many solo performers there are at glastonbury festival???

Andy Young* said...

Check the last picture. You can see the red one isn't a banner.
What is it? You can guess the singer from there.

Andy Young* said...

Three people, including one regular from jolly ole England, got their answer correct. I think I'll keep their names for a bit before revealing the answer.

chit-chat said...

Glastonbury Festival: Somerset, England.

is a five day music festival. In addition to contemporary music, the festival hosts other arts. Leading pop and rock artists have headlined. The festival receives extensive television and newspaper coverage. Glastonbury is the largest greenfield festival in the world, and is now attended by around 175,000 people The majority of staff are volunteers, helping the festival to raise millions of pounds for good causes.
(Wiki - edited).

chit-chat2 said...

For this particular concert 135,000 tickets were sold officially and was held in 2009.

Over the weekend, approximately 190,000 people made their way to Worthy Farm in western England to attend. Attendees came to see performances at what is billed as "Europe's largest open-air music festival" - headliners included Bruce Springsteen, Neil Young, and a reunited Blur. Rainy weather did little to dampen the mood, as attendees enjoyed themselves in tent cities, concert performances, dance tents, and the surrounding countryside of Somerset, England.

Andy Young* said...

Check the last picture. You can see one isn't a banner but a pair of panties. Now which particular 60s singer is always showered with panties when he's on stage? There's another screen shot I wanted to put up which has the singer's song title on a fan's T-Shirt.

sk said...

i guess it's 'not unusual'...


The welsh dragon standard is flown for SIR Tom Jones.


Could it be Tom Jones, perchance?

Andy Young* said...

Thank you all for providing the response.

BAZ WALKER said...

Hi Andy,

I believe the artiste was Tom Jones and the venue was Glastonbury.

Very best regards

chitchat3 said...

Mr. Jones, whose voice has been described as one of a robust baritone, became the front man for Tommy Scott and the Senators, a Welsh beat group, in 1963.

"It's Not Unusual" became an international hit after an offshore pirate radio station broadcasted it. It made him one of the most popular vocalists of the British Invasion in the 60s.

Sir Thomas Jones Woodward, OBE and born on 7th June 1940, is a Welsh singer. He has sung nearly every form of popular music – pop, rock, R&B, show tunes, country, dance, soul and gospel – and sold over 100 million records.

Jones moved to the United States in 1974 buying Dean Martin's former mansion in Los Angeles.

He received a knighthood from Queen Elizabeth II for "services to music" in 2006.

As our Mr X puts it, "The Welsh dragon standard is flown for SIR Tom Jones..." at Glastonbury.

He is still performing over 200 dates a year at 74 years young.

Jones has remained married despite his ECA. Wikipedia published Jones had liaisons with up to 250 groupies a year. Jones has had affairs with well-known women: one of The Supremes and a former Miss World.

He's a real sex bomb isn't he with so many Delilahs. It's not unusual for some men. He goes home though, to the green green grass and his lady.



Wonder how a man like him celebrates a birthday? Anyone?

Andy Young* said...

Thank you all for taking part. There were many top guns in our local show biz who never even tried or replied. Those who did had such odd answers I thought they were kidding, so I only publish those who had the right answer i.e., only 4 people.

It was challenging I know. I couldn't have done it myself.

But thanks to all who replied; to Mr X, who submitted the first correct answer and sk, Alan Thompson and Barry Walker (both from England).

When I wrote to Allan and asked, "You got it Allan but Mr X (Will Xavier, DJ) got it before you. I guess he got it earlier (time difference). Was it the Welsh banner or the pair of panties?"; his reply was: "Probably the latter!!!!!!


yes i remember khoo teng eng the ventriloquist when i was tiny and attended one of his shows for kids
at wesley church.

btw, u should make a world map and ask ex-singaporean to pin where they are now.

Andy Young* said...

Yes, I am sure Victor will be happy to know he is still remembered even on the other side of the world by Singaporeans who have migrated.

Thanks Matt for your constant support and comments on this blog. Very much appreciated.