Monday, February 17, 2014

Kassim Masdor: Singapore's Top Malay Composer Sudah Meninggal

"Biarlah Aku Pergi"

Passed Away on: Monday Night 20th January, 2014.

Mr Kassim Masdor, born in 1938 and composer of more than 400 songs in Malay, had passed on. He had written melodies and lyrics for many artistes like Ahmad Daud, Kartina Dahari, Saloma, Ahmad Jais, Sharifah Aini and a host of others.

Some of the pop songs include: Nusa Jaya, Bersabarlah Sayang, Biarlah Aku Pergi, Cintaku Satu, Gelisah, Manis tujuh Belas, Selamat Hari Raya.  There's also a combined effort, Kisah Aku Dan Lagu, Kisah Tua dan Tijah and Kembara Rasa, done with good friend Yusnor Ef's lyrics.

He was composer and producer for EMI Records from 1968, after his stint with Shaw Brothers Studios at Jalan Ampas. Masdor left EMI in 1977 and opened his own recording company called, Senada Records.

He had been honoured with many awards both from Singapore and Malaysia. He was last seen on stage when he played at a tribute concert at the Esplanade in September, 2013. Mr. Kassim was 76.
It was the first time I had watched him perform. He was a natural on the piano with his signature hat and simple style. But he was charismatic in so many ways, polite but deep in concentration with the music accompaniment he was playing and listening intently to the band and singers with him on stage.

Rest In Peace Pak Kassim. You have contributed much to Singapore's Malay Heritage and its future.

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Information from friends around and books: 
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2) Seven Magnificent Composers, a PERKAMUS Publication.

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