Thursday, October 22, 2009

(B) Screaming 60s Pop Fans At Singapore Gigs

Like Singapore Idol today, the crowds that patronised the National Theatre at Tank Road or Badminton Hall at Guillemard Road to watch our 60s idols were as jubilant and supportive. This experience of worship, for example, was clearly described by Elvis Presley impersonator, William David, when he was interviewed on June 27th, 1995 for a research by Lily Kong on, The Invention of Heritage: Popular Music In Singapore.

"They will just go screaming," he said. "They will come to your house and knock on your door. They want to stay with you, live with you, elope with you and things like that. Bring you to their parents and say, 'I met this guy' or they’ll say to you, 'I want you to meet my parents.' Some of the parents even said, 'Why don’t you marry my daughter?' They looked up to us. We were the local heroes in the music scene here."

Audie Ng (Silver Strings band leader) in his interview with Eight Days, when asked on whether they had groupie encounters, remembers that while they were in a hotel in Malaysia, a group of screaming girls managed to barge into their room for autographs. "I was so shocked and embarrassed, because we were all topless!" Wow! (Read October 3rd, 2009 posting.)
Image: 60s fans screaming.
Article with references: Andy Lim Collection.

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