Thursday, September 17, 2009

(G) Cigarette Advertisement With Theme Music

When cigarettes were the order of the day up to the 70s, advertisements were rampant and most of the popular brands of tobacco were sold in Singapore. These advertisements could be heard on the radio or rediffusion and seen on both the small and large screen. Newspapers, magazines and even vinyl records were promoting cigarettes (image).
By the early 70s, the Singapore government had already realized the negative effects of smoking, and implemented regulations for smoking vide restricting smoking in public places and advertising of tobacco. Now smoking is totally banned in Singapore and to get a puff, one can only do so in designated areas. It is also expensive to smoke.
On Side One of the 45 rpm vinyl (image), the title theme, Get Away From The Everyday, was sung in English on the first track while the second track had the same theme played on the organ. On Side Two, the saxaphone was used to play the Consulate theme.
The back cover promoted Consulate Filter Tipped Menthol Fresh in its green box and Consulate King Size Filter Tip Virginia in its maroon box. In the 60s the people were enjoying movie theme songs, airline theme songs, condensed milk theme songs and cigarette theme songs. What other theme songs were there? Anyone?
Image/original article: Andy Lim Collection.


Anonymous said...

Hi Andy,
There were a lot of these promo records weren't there! I have also seen ones for cars. I can't remember what makes.

Roger said...

Wonder how many people who were hooked onto pop music were also hooked by these adverts.

Andy Young* said...

Hi Steve,
I have yet to find a vinyl promoting cars. Hope to find one soon. I found an LP promoting a hotel group recently. Will post it next. And the 50s and 60s songs that come with it are fantastic.

Andy Young* said...

Hi Roger,
As I explained, Milkmaid Milk is one and the Cathay Pacific Theme song is so popular many people still remember it today. Part of 60s and 70s music?
Again indoctrination of the wrong kind?

Anonymous said...

Part of 1960's cultural phenomenon. Nowadays it is worse as the ads are made into a news item.

Andy Young* said...

Glad to know my postings are appreciated as one enthusiast needs the Consulate song/music as part of his collection.

Anonymous said...

Joye 510 said...
These advertisements could be heard on the radio or rediffusion and seen on both the small and large screen.

January 6, 2011 5:57 PM

Andy Young* said...

Thank you for contributing. Yes, cigarette advertisements were rampant those days but even without these ads today, people are smoking just as much.

(I have removed the connection to your site because I am a non-smoker.)

rusli hashim said...

I collect local 7" vinyls that were produced as giveaways/promotions back in the 60s and 70s ... so far able to collect Opel cars / Coke / Milkmaid / Nestle Milk / Consulate cigarettes / Tonic Chop Gajah / Genting / WWF / Shell. And there is also one on religious songs produced as a memorial for a loved one!

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

Thanks Rusli for information. Wow what a list you have. I haven't heard of the Opel Cars, Genting and WWF. Would be great if you could send me images.

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