Sunday, September 20, 2009

(2) Naomi Boys Quests Beat Rolling Stones '66

****************************************In April 1966 while Singapore was busy with its first ever Grand Prix at Thomson Road, Keith Locke and the Quests (Columbia/EMI) reached the 5th spot on Singapore's Top Tunes with Push, Push, one above My Love by Petula Clark on Pye Records, 19th Nervous Breakdown by The Rolling Stones on Decca and Svensk-A-Flicka by Johnny Lion on Philips.
But on Malaya's Top Pops Locke & Quests were at number 2 and the number 1 spot in Malaya was Naomi singing I Know with her Boys on Philips. At number 3 was As Tears Go By by the Rolling Stones. Apparently I Know had sold copies far beyond the dreams of 60s music record producers.
First Singapore Grand Prix and first at the top of Asia's hit parade. Happening in 1966! And it had been happening all the time. Comment anyone?
Image/original article: Andy Lim Collection.

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