Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Heavy Metal/Latino Guitar - 60s Music - BOBO

Heavy metal, Latino or rock, Bobo is always there to lead an instrumental number, accompany his singers and please his audiences in Singapore. Still in the music circuit, Bobo has been playing with his own group, Los Bobos (earlier posting on this blog), for many years now.

Bobo, whose real name is Abdulah Yusof Nawawi, was once with The Neu Faces or Muka Baru. They did an LP, Muka Baru, which featured the sound of a motor-cycle and Bobo had brought his own bike to the studio to record the sound of its engine.

Four of the tracks on the album had lyrics and music by Bobo. They are Hari Minggu, Gadis Manis, Joget Jual Beli and of course, Motor with original sound effects. (From: To Be A Rock But Not To Roll/Jerry Fernandez, July 2009, Douglas Gomez/Comdesign Associates.)
Image/Original article: Andy Lim.

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