Sunday, June 21, 2009

(3) 60s Music Decline - Money Piracy Culture

"The boom in the local recording industry created an avenue for "pirates' to thrive. Recordings of popular artistes were found evrywhere on many different labels. There were times pirated copies could be found in shops even before the originals hit the market. Unbelievable, frustrating and sad, yet nothing could be done.

Henry Suriya
At that time, both Malaysia and Singapore were not protected by copyright laws. Privacy was rampant in some Asian countries. A huge portion of the artistes' earnings were take away by these crooks.
The 'down syndrome' started to take place, beginning with fewer stage shows and followed by the disappearance of shops that sold musical instruments. Jobs were lost. Tea-dances were banned as pop music was regarded as 'yellow culture'. The music scene slowly but surely slipped into slumberland."

Many of our local artistes were echoing the 1964 hit song by the Animals - We Gotta Get Out Of This Place. Some of them did just that and (while some got out of the industry), others moved out of Singapore."
Henry is brother to Naomi and Robert (singer/composer) of the Naomi & The Boys fame. FYI: This family has 12 of their songs on the 100 Greatest Singapore 60s Definitive Collection that was recently released.

Image/Article: 3rd part of a series by Henry Suriya.
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