Friday, May 29, 2009

Ramli Sarip - Living Legend Of SE Asian Rock

His is a household name, not only amongst the Malay community but throughout Singapore and most of Malaysia, having established himself both as a guitarist, singer and the power behind the rock group Sweet Charity. In short, Ramli Sarip is a living legend.
Original albums called, Kamelia, Musibah, Zakiah and Pelarian became instant hits and today, they have become classics, "so much so that fans have forgotten that some of the numbers were cover versions. Altogether they had 7 albums and when Ramli Sarip went solo, he produced 8 more albums alone, selling 100,000 per album. From: (Amrantx3's Site)."
Ramli Sarip is as active as ever today. Unless you bought the tickets, you'd be missing a rocking good night at the Esplanade on Sunday.

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