Thursday, May 07, 2009

Singapore 60s Music Talentime For The Masses

Various organisations in Singapore, both public and private ones, held talentime competitions regularly. The Housing & Development Board was no exception. Image shows a talent contest held in 1964 as bands were many and singers in demand.

Winning a talentime competition could make an exciting but unstable career for musicians and singers. Some of them participated for the fun and excitement it provided. The Quests, The Jets, The Burns, The Antartics, Gaylads, were some of the groups that had won a talent competition.

The term 'talentime' was coined by radio personality Kingsley Morando in the late 50s when he organised such shows to promote singing talents those days. Morando was a broadcaster working at Radio Malaya (Singapore) studios. He was also a popular radio announcer (term today is 'DJ') in a pop music request programme called, 'To Each His Own.'

Image: The National Heritage Board, Singapore.

Original Article: Andy Lim.


Roger said...

Thanks for the memory. It was one of my favourite shows. Like Singapore Idol, it sparked a lot of excitement then. Wonder what the winners are doing now.

Andy Young* said...

Many of them are senior citizens, relaxing and enjoying what time they have left. Some of them are still working, while others have lucrative businesses. Eunos is one, quietly successful but once a pop guitarist and singer.