Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Pop 60s Music Books Saturate The U.S. Market

There are hundreds of books and articles on 60s music and thousands of reviews about them. Extracts of some of these reviews, both positive and negative, reveal the interest so many people have for pop music.

The above book (image) "Doo Wop" by Cousin Brucie Morrow, for example, "captures the spirit of an era in spectacular visuals, revealing the roots of the 60’s music explosion." It has an abundant background of memorable images, it covers way more than just the unique harmonies of these doo wop groups.

You’ll meet the pioneers who started it all, including bands like The Drifters; discover how the songs we love emerged from African rhythms and culture and watch the music—and America—grow up. The pages teem with archival photography, posters, album covers, newspaper articles, magazine covers, lyrics, and more.


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