Friday, March 13, 2009

Thunderbirds -Seeing Red - Peter Chan Too

Another recording by The Thunderbirds with the Fitzgerald/Pasqual composition of "My Lonely Heart" but is this heart the real thing or a pirated copy?

Harvey Fitzgerald, who co-wrote this song with Gerry Pasqual, sang on the hit recording. He has since retired from the music business and lives in Perth, Australia.

His brother, Derrick Fitzgerald, the lead guitarist, made this recording with his iconic slide guitar riffs. Was he using an ordinary comb to make that unique sound? He was still leading the group in Singapore and played at the Carriage Bar at Goodwood Hotel, Orchard Road for more than 15 years with Danny Boy (Silver Strings) at the drums.

"For us to make a living we had to play commercial; e.g. Santana, The Stylistics, Chicago. We rotated with Heather & the Thunderbirds at the "London Scene" in the basement of the Marco Polo Hotel (then called Hotel Malaysia).

Then we played at "Moonshine" at the Ocean Park Hotel Katong before the group broke up (because of NS). We played 3-4 sets of 45 mins each on Friday and Sat nights."

Peter Chan recalls from Good Morning Yesterday blog by Chun See

Image/original article: Andy Lim.

Extract: From Peter Chan's article on Good Morning Yesterday.

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Frederick Pasqual said...

Regarding Derrick's slide playing, I remember my brother Jerry Pasqual said that he lent Derrick his metal cigarette lighter to use as a slide.
Cheers, Frederick Pasqual