Monday, February 02, 2009

Beatles Of Malaysia - Mike & Herb/SilverStrings

-------------SILVER STRINGS WITH MIKE & HERB ----------------

I have always been enthralled when I listen to the guitar music of the 60s. The harmonizing of the electronic strings of lead, bass, rhythm and drums needs a lot of practice, patience and dedication to execute. Besides, the lead guitarist may have to manage the wa-wa pedal with his foot, especially when certain instrumental numbers demand the sound. Using the tremolo arm on the electric guitar also needs much practice.
Although it is only a four piece band, as compared to the larger group that makes a pop ensemble nowadays, e.g. 'American Idol' accompaniment, unseen and on the floor, the 60s guitar foursome is on stage, facing the audience, and as with most groups those days, also perform simple 'acrobatics' to the sound of their own music.
Having seen these groups practise their routine during rehearsals I realise how difficult it can be especially when guitars, cables and performers can get entangled. Furthermore most of the band boys then were not professionals and only enjoy the day off from their work during the weekend or week night to practise their skill.
Sheer pleasure and passion. Those were the days.
Image: SS with M&H in their new outfit of shimmering turquoise with turtle neck and Beatle boots.)
(Image: From Silver Strings Collection)

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