Monday, January 26, 2009

Guitarist/Vocalist Raymond P. & 'Les Bunnies'

He was the rhythm guitarist with a group called Les Bunnies and was the guest band at The Palace Cinema weekend T-dance in East Coast Road in the 60s.

Recalling those days Raymond Pereira reminisces how he used to enjoy the tea-dance afternoons while sharing the stage with well-known artistes like The Trailers and Simon Junior and the Melodians.

He remembers The Silver Strings very well and answered, "Marng-kar-kar!" when I mentioned the band and asks me about Audie, Silver Strings' boss. In those days Raymond lived at Lavender Street, a stone's throw from Idris Road where the Strings used to practise. We knew that area as Rumah Miskin.

Image: by Andrew Lim

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